Utility/Power Solutions
Multi-Drop Network with Fiber


You have an RS-485 Multi-Drop network of equipment with the same or different interface that needs to connect to the same fiber ring.


You can use the STF-277C Serial to Fiber Converter to link multiple RTUs to a host unit. The host would be set as Master and the other devices would be set to slave. When the Master unit sends data, the Slave units will retransmit the information around the loop. In addition, the information is sent out the serial port of the Slave to the Serial Device. If the Serial Device responds, the Slave will then also transmit the information to the fiber loop. The response will then also be retransmitted by all the Slaves on the loop.
When the information returns to the Master unit, the transmission on the loop stops as the Master does not retransmit any information that it receives.



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